Yorick Tattoo LLC is a husband and wife team of Yorick Fauquant and Sarah LoRusso.

Yorick is a classically trained, French artist who has been tattooing for 19 years. Sarah is a self-taught eccentric with an eye for detail.


They share a love for art, fashion, nature, and travel. For the past 7 years they have discovered ways to support each other through their strengths and weaknesses, to be each others muses and inspiration, and always keeping space for the freedom to grow and explore everything life has to offer. 

This coming together has created something palpable that transcends them. 


Their story is unique and a bit bizarre....

It all began on a chilly Autumn night in Las Vegas just three days before Halloween. Dressed up like a skeleton (body paint and all). Sarah Jane LoRusso went out with friends and ended up at a crappy karaoke bar.


She was dancing alone in the mostly empty bar—shaking her bones to some unknown tune—when two guys walked in. She noticed one of them noticing her.


Dancing over to him, she tried to start up a conversation but realized he didn’t speak English. He was from France. She didn’t speak a word of French. Undeterred, she did what any reasonable person would do—meowed, purred, and rubbed her face up on his. She assumed he spoke cat. He did.


Sarah learned that his name was Yorick and that he and his friend were in town for a tattoo convention. 


Before parting ways, Yorick gave Sarah his business card. It had a photo of him on it, and for reasons unknown to her (she wasn’t the romantic type), she slept with it under her pillow that night.


The next day (well technically it was still the same day…let’s say after a long nap) Sarah and her friend awoke bright and early (8 PM). They dressed quickly (more like 2 hours) and raced out the door to find the boys at the tattoo convention.


Noticing the time, when they arrived at the casino, Sarah immediately grabbed her friend’s hand and started running through the Mandalay Bay casino—hysterical and dizzy from the trippy carpet patterns as they wove their way in and out of the slot machines.


Out of breath, they stopped and asked an employee for directions to the convention but were told that it was already over. Seeing the dejected look on Sarah’s face, the employee said that he’d just thrown away some wristbands and (to their amazement) dug them out of the trash can and placed them on their wrists before pointing them in the right direction.


They entered the convention (hoping that Yorick and his friend were still there) and were met with yet another blow. Yorick’s booth was empty. Determined to reunite with the tattooed boy who stirred in her such strange emotions, Sarah decided to leave a note: “Hi French boys! Don’t leave without us. We’re looking for you. <3 Sarah Jane”


And as fate would have it, the note worked! They found their French boys and what ensued was a night of random revelry that may or may not have involved crashing an elderly ball.


To cap off their adventure, Sarah suggested going bar hopping to all of her favorite punk bars. Agreeing, everyone got in their cars; French boys in one, American girls in the other.


No sooner had they zipped off down the Strip than Yorick got stuck behind a red light and was lost in a flurry of traffic.


Unable to pull over and wait for them to catch up, Sarah pulled into the parking lot of the first pub on their crawl and waited.


Time ticked by. Sarah looked around anxiously—a horrible, sinking feeling smothering her. She tried to reason with herself. She barely knew the guy. They didn’t even speak the same language! It was fun while it lasted. She’d get over it—she thought—even as she stood there silently with her heart screaming NOOOOO in her chest. This couldn’t be it. It didn’t make sense, but Sarah knew that this wasn’t the end of their story.


She was right.


To Sarah’s complete shock and bewilderment, Yorick and his friend pulled into the bar moments later. It was the last time they’d lose each other.


The next day, as the boys prepared to leave for LA (the next stop on their American road trip), Sarah gave Yorick a tiger's eye stone for protection on his journey. Still convinced that this wasn’t the end, they said their goodbyes and promised to stay in touch. 


Halfway through Death Valley, at a gas station in the middle of nowhere - the most romantic of places, Yorick found a feeble WIFI connection, and using Google Translate, sent Sarah a message:


“This is crazy. I’m in love with an American girl I don’t even know.”


Sarah knew she’d found something special—something so unique and amazing she actually ended up  approaching strangers and declaring, with arms in the air, “I’m in love! I’m in love!” like she was in a 1940s romance flick.


Then, after months of daily (nearly 24/7) video chats, she did something she never thought she’d do—dropped everything and moved to France to be with the man she loved.


The rest is history.