The first step to your new work of art by Yorick is have a personal consultation with him. Consults can be done in person or via video chat. Click HERE to schedule.

DURING CONSULT: Be prepared to open up to Yorick and tell him about yourself. He will ask you questions about who you are, your inspiration, placement, & symbolism. For a more impactful work of art, the rule is usually the bigger the better. Bigger tattoos don't always mean more sessions. Yorick's work is very open and organic. If you allow him more space for the tattoo to flow freely, the more interesting the piece will be. 

People always say tattoos are addicting and you usually don't stop at one. Try to imagine what your future self will look like and want, and plan for that today.

AFTER CONSULT: Tattoo appointments are usually booked directly after the consultation and a non-refundable deposit is secured to hold your dates. Rare exceptions can be made but please prepare to have your deposit ready.

TATTOO APPOINTMENT: The day has come! 

At the time of your appointment you and Yorick will discuss both of your ideas again while he draws freehand directly on your skin. You will have input during the entire process. This is a live collaboration between the two of you as you create the piece together.

While Yorick has a very light touch, if you are in pain we can provide you with numbing cream, as well as water and snacks at any time.

HEALING: Most of Yorick's work heals within a week with no scabbing or peeling unless it is solid black work. Touch ups are extremely rare but if needed they are free of charge.

Check Instagram often for last minute openings and travel dates!